…Light is pure energy, but when it merges with matter it becomes shape…

The exhibition concerns the Light that moulds the matter and is an Official event of the UNESCO International Year of Light and Light based Technologies (IYL2015).

LorenzoArs, a polyedric artist from Abruzzo origin but with an international artistic journey, immerses the spectator in the mystery of the empty space, crossed and shaped by the Light, and in the formal secrets of his shadow areas.

 BIO (english)

lorenzoArs graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna by discussing a dissertation on his artistic praxis under the intellectual guide of Walter Guadagnini, professor of Art History.

After various work experiences in the artistic pamoramas of several Italian and foreign cities, nowdays his artistic production is based in Firenze and covers a variety of languages, ranges from sculpture to video art. Different tools prompt his Art towards a mixture of materials and matters, combining skills and interests in several practices. Among them, we can find Painting, Sculpture, Photography but also Video Art and innovative interactive and immersive installation.

Since 1987 his art exhibitions are gathering acclaims all over the world. In 1996 he started working in the field of Visual Design and in 1999 he was certified as Adobe ACE and then as Adobe ACI and he was an Adobe Guru for advertising companies. Simultaneously, his Visual Communication agency was one of the most influent in the European visual communication panorama, promoting the made in Italy excellence.

In 2015, “LUX INFORME” project was selected by UNESCO among the official events of the International Year of Light because of the experimental research that the artist put in Photography. http://www.light2015.org/Home/Event-Programme/2015/Exhibition/Italy- LUX-INFORME.html. That project was also a wide solo exhibition in Florence, at the Casa di Dante Museum (catalogue edited by Franco Torriani and Laura Capuozzo). In  2016 it was published in “LightArt in Italy 2015/16” volume by Gisella Gellini (Politecnico di Milano) and showed during a conference-event which took place in the Museo del Novecento (Milano), which highlights the most significant experiences on that issue.

As about his pictorial practice, the ANGELS 3.0 project underlines our social contests an has the merit of stimulate a debate on men’s systems of ontological and ethical values. He was the Creative Director and Editor of several publications, such as “22secondi “by Ed’A and he has drawn the cover and the anatomical boards in “Preparazione Atletica e Riabilitazione” Edizioni C.G. Edizioni Medico Scientifiche -Torino.

Currently he teaches photography and visual design for MIUR educational institutions